Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar

  • Social Welfare Society (SWS)

    Social Welfare Society (SWS) has been established to serve deserving students, indigent patients& for the welfare of college staff and hospital. The purpose of this campaign is merely for the consent of Allah & free from all personal gains.

    Being a government Institution many students are achieving knowledge over here& many poor patients come for dental treatment. These students & patients need timely guidance & financial assistance. Social Welfare Society is ready to extend all possible support to all the students and patients especially in case of any casualties and disinterest.

    i. Aims & Objectives of SWS

     To ensure in providing the students an environment where they can work better and for the betterment of the society.

     To provide students with a platform for reporting their problems and getting satisfactory solutions.

     To be of use to the community by conducting various social activities.

     Provide financial support to the deserving students, staff and patients.

    ii. The SWS Structure

    To get the most out of our SWS team a new working structure has been proposed. It would make sure that every aspect of student and community welfare is addressed and the members give their best.

    The following different functional wings are active.

    1. Blood Wing

    Its aim is to provide blood to needy patients at the time of emergency. For this purpose, we have regular donors among our students.

     To arrange blood camps

     To provide blood to the needy patients

     Screening of students and immunization

    2. Students Welfare Wing

     Academic Welfare

     To conduct book fair

     Make sure availability of notes in the library

     To conduct programs like basic life support

     Its purpose is to help the students in solving their problems

     Providing guidance & support to the new comers

    3. Financial Welfare Wing

     Providing financial support to the needy students and institutional staff

     Support to the poor patients by giving them free medicines

     Providing scholarships for the deserving students

     Its purpose is to collect charity from teachers, students & donors.

     Spending funds honestly on specific occasions

    4. Environmental Wing

    The basic aim of environmental day is to provide clean and healthy environment

     Conducting awareness campaigns

     To arrange walks and seminars for spreading the words

     To observe events on world environmental day

     Plantation campaign

    5. Activities Wing

     Its purpose is to spread awareness about dentistry & dental diseases in our society by organizing different seminars `& free dental camps.

     To conduct different events like charity nights’ funfairs and donation camps to raise charity

     Arranging free dental camps for the awareness to conduct book fairs

     To get financial support for conducting event and proper audit of funds

     To address all the problems faced by the students and convey them to the concerned authorities.





    Prof. Dr. Khalid Rehman



    Dr. Qazi Muhammad Ahmad

    General Secretary


    Dr. Sardar Muhammad

    Incharge Blood Wing


    Dr. Afshan Iqbal Khalil

    Incharge Students Welfare Wing


    Dr. SohailSajjad

    Incharge Financial Welfare Wing


    Dr. Ayman Babar

    Incharge Environmental Wing


    Dr. Izhar Ali

    Incharge Activities Wing